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TimkenSteel Quality

In our never-ending quest to produce the world’s cleanest steel in an efficient manner, we believe every interaction, every touch point, every order gives TimkenSteel an opportunity to demonstrate our quality to our customers. We deliver quality by doing what we say we will do and ensuring our products perform as promised.

Our quality management system focuses on the four Cs:

  • Consistency – Supplying unmatched levels of consistency in our materials, products, chemistries, controls, processes and product delivery.
  • Cleanness – Employing our long-standing metallurgical know-how to manufacture cleaner, more consistent and more durable steel.
  • Customization – Tailoring manufacturing processes, chemistries, heat-treating practices and more to improve customers’ products and strengthen their bottom line.
  • Confidence – Building trust through the commitment of our people, our state-of-the-art operations and our exceptional engineering and supply chain capabilities.