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Steel Training and Education

People who work with steel know that it's a remarkable material, available in many forms, grades and chemistries. For distributors and original equipment manufacturers who want to understand better the material that they sell and work with, we offer the TimkenSteel Institute.


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The TimkenSteel Institute is an intense multiple day training and education session available only to TimkenSteel authorized service centers and select original equipment manufacturers. We estimate that several hundred employees from our key authorized distributors have attended one of our sessions over the past 20 years.


Beyond a better understanding of the physical traits and production of steel, attendees also will benefit from our insights regarding near- and long-term steel market activity. The multiple-day training and education seminar balances in-class sessions with in-depth tours of our steelmaking operations in the Canton, Ohio, area. Attendees are also able to network with TimkenSteel team members across our commercial, corporate and manufacturing groups.


“We want our people to be as educated as they can about SBQ, which is why we send our people to the TimkenSteel Institute,” said Brian Yamaguchi, senior director of supplier development for Reliance Steel and Aluminum (and formerly vice president – merchandising for EMJ). “We have relied on the TSIs as part of our training efforts and managing our supplier relationships. For new people, TSI is often the first time they have ever seen a steel mill. They get to appreciate how much coordination and work is involved in making a bar of steel. Some of these people turn into managers, so there is real value in a key mill partner like TimkenSteel knowing our people, too.”


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