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Thermal Treatment

Thermal treatmentOur industry-leading thermal treatment capabilities provide a diverse range of processing options to meet demanding strength and hardness requirements – regardless of order size. We continue to develop these capabilities and broaden our sophistication in custom thermal-treat offerings so you can rely on innovative product designs and proven quality.


We believe few others offer this combination of metallurgical and thermal-treat knowledge, setting us apart from the competition. We provide tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs through our value-added steel bars, tubes and billets for challenging applications. Our approach to manufacturing integrates our melting, rolling, piercing and finishing operating, ensuring a complete chemistry and economical solution from start to finish.

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The quench-and-temper processes heats steel uniformly to a temperature above a critical range and cools it rapidly in a liquid medium. This treatment helps achieve specific levels of strength and toughness to meet the customer requirements.


Annealing is heating uniformly to a temperature within or above the critical range and cooling at a controlled rate to a temperature under the critical range. We use this treatment to produce a definite microstructure, usually one designed for best machinability. We also use annealing to remove stresses, induce softness and alter ductility, toughness or other mechanical properties.


In the normalizing process, we heat steel uniformly to a temperature at least 99° F (37° C) above the critical range and cool in air to room temperature. This treatment produces a recrystallization and refinement of the grain structure, giving the product uniformity in hardness and structure.

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