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Can quality steel help you build your business and your reputation?

We recognize the value of our distribution partners in our supply chain, and we remain committed to providing them with the service, products and unique steel solutions to offer their customers. We sell more than 25 percent of our steel products for end-customers through our authorized distributors and steel service centers.  For distributors, we have conducted TimkenSteel Institute sessions for the past 20 years, with several hundred distributors attending the steel training sessions in Canton, Ohio.

Products and Services


The TimkenSteel Institute (TSI) gives attendees knowledge of basic metallurgy, steelmaking processes from melt to finish, and market information related to special bar quality (SBQ) steel and seamless mechanical tubing. We also educate attendees on the unique capabilities that we offer in order to help distributors in solution selling of our customers to their customers.



Along with TSI, we also provide on-site training about TimkenSteel products and processes to help our distributors. We conduct this steel training in either a “lunch and learn” format or after-work sessions in order to minimize time away from sales desks. We are flexible to meet our distributors’ demanding schedules.

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To learn more about our steel training programs and distributors, call 330-471-8888.


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