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We believe that every day, every solution, no matter the size of the problem, always begins the same way... Yes. It’s possible.

Young engineers on clean steel

Joe Zugcic, a ladle refining operator for nearly 30 years, explains three unique aspects you may not know about ladle refining.

3 Things You Should Know About TimkenSteels Automotive Steel

TimkenSteel’s forge press is critical to enhancing center soundness of large cross-sections of our special bar quality (SBQ) steel. Learn about some of the unique aspects of the forge press, and watch it put the squeeze on some hot steel.

4 Things You Should Know About TimkenSteel Material Services

Behind the Scenes: TimkenSteel Piercing Mill

Behind the Scenes: TimkenSteel Process Control

Behind the Scenes: TimkenSteel Small Bar Mill

What are value-added components and what do they mean for TimkenSteel customers? Jeremy Linder, plant manager at our St. Clair plant, explains.

Behind the Scenes: TimkenSteel Technology Center

Chairman of Oerlikon Fairfield on TimkenSteel's continuous innovation

Chairman of Oerlikon Fairfield on TimkenSteel's problem solving

TimkenSteel has a century of experience producing clean steel for the gear industry and other demanding applications worldwide. Watch to learn why using clean steel in gears is critical.

Eaton Steel execs share insights on TimkenSteel products and processes

Eaton Steel leaders discuss TimkenSteel's customer focus

First Cast Jumbo Bloom Vertical Caster

Lightweighting and TimkenSteel

New TimkenSteel Scanning Electron Microscope Helps Identify Inclusions

Specialty Steel: Faircrest Steel Manufacturing: From Melt to Finish

Specialty Steel: TimkenSteel: How Steel Is Made

Specialty Steel: TimkenSteel Forged-Rolled Process Video

Specialty Steel: TimkenSteel Intermediate Finishing Line Video

TimkenSteel Jumbo Bloom Vertical Caster Video

TimkenSteel Material Services

TimkenSteel Top Scholar 2014

The team at TimkenSteel's technology center set out to reduce broaching costs for ring gears made from special bar quality (SBQ) steel. Watch to learn the dramatic results.

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