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Will a custom melt lead to better machining or forging?

More than 100 years ago, we began making air-melted alloy steel to serve the bearing industry’s need for high-quality steel. Now, we place high-performance steel in applications throughout industrial markets worldwide. We are ready to engineer a solution for you. We produce more than 500 grades of steel and supply the broadest range of special bar quality (SBQ) product in the U.S., including rolled and forged-rolled bar and seamless mechanical tubing. We provide our steel and supply chain solutions to original equipment manufacturers producing components for industrial applications in agriculture, construction, machinery, military, mining, power generation and more.


Mining Machinery

The mining industry features some of the world’s most demanding applications. For your mining machinery needs, our high-performance alloy bar and seamless mechanical tubing make us an ideal supplier. In addition to finding our steel in mining machinery, our material is found in much of the drill string extending from the drill rig down to the bits.

Construction Machinery

Construction machinery steels – found in a number of difficult environments – may require high-strength industrial steels in one case, high wear resistance in a second, and impact-resistant steels in another.


Our industrial steel helps meet the needs of rail customers from one end of the train to the other. For more than 90 years, we have offered rail customers value on many fronts. You find our steel in locomotives, passenger vehicles, and freight cars. Common rail applications for our steel: crankshafts, traction gears, axles, bearings, cushioning device components, pins and steel liners.

Power Generation

Our material knowledge, quality focus and processing capabilities make us the ideal choice to provide the right steel for the highly loaded components found in traditional and renewable power generation equipment.

Agriculture Machinery

For the agricultural industry, customers use our steel in a wide variety of equipment. You most often find our steel in transmission applications as well as drivelines, gearboxes, and axle components.


When performance is mission critical, military customers choose us for critical SBQ applications. Customers use our steel in numerous applications, including missile components, projectiles, gun barrels, and vehicle driveline components.


We are your source for industrial gear steel, with more than century of experience producing clean, high-quality steel for the gears industry. Cleaner steel in gears equates to better fatigue resistance, generally improving life, reducing bending and sliding fatigue issues, and decreasing cracking and chipping. Clean steel also helps you meet or exceed design criteria with increased load, reduced manufacturing costs and distortion – and improved customer satisfaction.

Pressure Tubing

Pressure tubing is used to withstand internal or external gas, steam or fluid pressure in any refining, chemical or evaporator apparatus. TimkenSteel’s product is typically furnished in the full-annealed state to assure ductility under service conditions. Common pressure tubing applications include boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, evaporators, cracking stills, refrigerators and air-conditioning devices. Many pressure tubing applications can make use of hot-rolled tubing that meets ASTM A106 or ASTM A335.

General Industrial

Our engineered steel solutions are the right choice for you, whether you need to optimize your product and/or your processing. We produce SBQ steel to meet your challenging needs regardless of whether they require a high strength, high wear or impact resistance steel.

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