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Will your steel meet your most stringent oil-field requirements? At the greatest depths?

For the world’s most demanding oil and gas drilling activities, we offer steel products and services to improve our customers’ performance in the oil field. Customers turn to us for standard steel grades as well as to design complete solutions to economically meet the required specifications. We engineer material solutions for offshore and land-based drilling and completion applications. Our steel is used in drill collars, mud motors, heavyweight drill pipe (HWDP), drill bits, wellheads, swivel joints, couplings, casing and more.

Products and Services

Engineered Steel

We have ideal solutions in special bar quality (SBQ) bar sizes from 1” to 16” and seamless mechanical tube sizes from less than 3” to 13”.  We engineer hundreds of carbon and alloy steel grades to meet the severe service requirements in oil and gas. As drilling rigs are pushed harder and completion components must withstand differing and unique environments, we engineer the steel to meet requirements for strength, toughness and corrosion resistance. Whether it's higher strength drill collar or API 6A wellhead components on land or under water, we offer the steel and heat treat solutions to meet customer specifications in the broadest size range in North America. 

High-Strength, High-Toughness (HSHT):  Our engineered HSHT steels improve both strength AND toughness compared to standard grades such as 4140 and 4330. These factors, combined with our market-leading clean steel practices, ensure the best performance where longer life is advantageous and the cost of failure is high.

High-Pressure, High-Temperature:   Oil and gas environments can experience temperatures exceeding 350 F and pressures of more than 10,000 psi. TimkenSteel’s service model includes working with you to design the optimal steel for severe service.

Corrosion Resistance:   TimkenSteel’s engineered alloy steels are designed for the higher CO2 and H2S environments prevalent in oil and gas applications.  We engineer the ideal steel combined with the right heat treat to most economically meet your requirements.


Added Value and Service

We have invested heavily in heat treat assets (quench and temper) to serve the oil and gas market quickly and effectively. The Advanced-Quench and-Temper Facility (AQTF) - provides an additional 40,000 tons per year of capacity. Specially designed outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID) water quench ensures we are able to meet stringent mechanical properties.

TimkenSteel combines engineered steel with heat treat to provide the optimal solution for your needs.



TimkenSteel offers engineered steels combined with heat treat to meet the high strength and toughness requirements of drilling in the oil field. In addition, our value-added services simplify your supply chain and shorten delivery for the total solution.


TimkenSteel’s material science ensures the optimal solution for corrosion resistance. Our offering of steel, heat treat, machining and the American Petroleum Institute’s 5CT certification meets your completion steel requirements with better lead times and a streamlined supply chain.

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