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Could steel help your vehicles be safer and more efficient?

We are a leading engineered automotive steel supplier for power transfer applications, selling to customers for their light-vehicle, medium-truck and heavy-truck applications. Millions of motorists depend on our high-performance automotive steel every day in the engine, transmission and driveline components of their vehicles. You also find our consistent and reliable steel in automotive applications such as gears, crankshafts, bearings, hubs, axles, constant velocity joints, shafts and sleeves. In addition, we are a leading producer of precision-cut tubing and precision-machined components and finished parts through our value-added supply chain.

TimkenSteel's Opportunity with Lightweighting

The lightweighting of vehicles is a continuing trend in the automotive industry as it moves toward greater fuel economy. At TimkenSteel, we’re excited about the shift to smaller, high-performance engines, transmissions and drivelines. We’re known for our ability to create increasingly more power dense steels, which offer the same strength in a smaller package.


Aluminum is being used to lightweight vehicle bodies and bumpers, but it isn’t displacing our steel, and won’t for the foreseeable future. We don’t make flat-rolled steel for bodies and bumpers – we make special bar quality steel for things like crankshafts, transmission gears and bearings. That’s where our forged steel comes into play – it’s essential to handling the torque and stress placed on those components. As vehicles become lighter, engines get smaller, and focus shifts to hybrid and battery electric vehicle technology, components must get smaller. TimkenSteel offers great value in the engine, transmission and driveline and that’s where we have opportunity.


TimkenSteel Applications in Light Vehicles


We are a leading supplier of crankshaft steels to forging customers in North America. Our material science and technology advancements created a family of high strength, low alloy automotive steels, TimkenSteel MicroTec® grades. These automotive steel grades create cost savings by eliminating post-forged heat treatment and enhanced machinability while still delivering the needed strength, ductility and fatigue characteristics specified by the customer.



A leading supplier of value-added automotive steel products for gear components, we continue developing enhanced processing and supply chains from steelmaking through gear cutting preparation. A result of this work is our family of VacTec™ vacuum carburizing automotive steels. They provide improved heat-treat properties, including the minimized distortion and uniform microstructure that automotive manufacturers value.


We are your source for automotive gear steel, with a century of experience producing clean, high-quality steel for the gears industry. Cleaner steel in gears equates to better fatigue resistance, generally improving life, reducing bending and sliding fatigue issues, and decreasing cracking and chipping. Clean steel also helps you meet or exceed your design criteria. You could put greater load through gears, reduce your manufacturing costs and distortion – and improve customer satisfaction. 


Bearing Hubs

Front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive units require power transfer to vehicle wheel ends. Bearing hubs are the final components where mechanical energy flows to wheel and tire assemblies. High-performance clean steel enables this critical transfer. TimkenSteel has played an integral part in advancing bearing hub technology, supporting customers with optimum clean steel technology for bearing hub load requirements and integrated bearing designs.


Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) Components

Continuous variable transmissions (CVTs) are gaining in share and have full-efficiency benefits. Pulley and gear applications are two critical CVT components. Along with investments to produce the sizes that CVT components require, we apply our materials and manufacturing know-how to pulley applications that meet tough requirements. For CVT gear applications, we have a rich expertise and history supplying these components with high-performance quality.



TimkenSteel seamless mechanical tubing is a product of choice for light truck and critical axle applications.


Constant Velocity Joint Components

We are a leading provider of constant velocity joint components for front-wheel driveline assemblies. Precise control of chemistry, dimensional tolerance and surface quality are critical in the manufacture of these critical load-bearing components. Our automotive steelmaking and supply chain expertise enables an efficient solution – including our assets and subcontractor operations.



In planetary gear sets, everything revolves around shafts that support the gears. Shafts are a vital element in the power transmission system. Along with investments to produce the sizes that shafts require, we apply our materials and manufacturing expertise to planetary shafts that turn with less friction and wear.


Fuel System Components

Fuel distribution and fuel injection designs are experiencing significant technology changes, undergoing cyclical loading with significantly higher pressures. This demanding environment requires ultra-clean steel to perform reliably. Our high-performance automotive steel meets these specifications.





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