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As smart, strong and reliable as our steel, our people are at the heart of the problem-solving culture that delivers tailored solutions to customers’ toughest engineering and supply chain challenges. This blog is where our people will share our industry-leading expertise in metallurgy, steelmaking, heat treating, machining and industrial applications with you. Whether it’s battling corrosive conditions five miles below the ocean’s surface or handling the torque of a bearing in a wind turbine 250 feet in the air, we thrive on developing steel solutions for the world’s most demanding applications.

TimkenSteel Improves Gear Performance with Clean Steel

Clean Steel GearsGear life depends on many factors and steel cleanness is a critical one. TimkenSteel has a century of experience producing clean steel for the gear industry. We continually develop and test our materials, building in-depth knowledge about product and material characteristics that affect gear life. This is an example of how we work with customers to tackle their challenges and improve gear performance.

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Just how hot is molten steel?

Ladel RefinerLadle refining operators control temperature to produce clean alloy steel. But just how hot is 175 tons of molten steel? Watch as we explore that question with Jim Henline, a ladle refining operator at Faircrest Steel Plant.

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3 Things You Should Know About TimkenSteel’s Automotive Steel

Automotive Supply ChainTimkenSteel optimizes the supply chain for its automotive customers by controlling quality and consistency at every step. Customers avoid the capital investment needed to turn steel bars and tubes into precision components by relying on TimkenSteel to perform those operations to whatever degree of completion they require, from cut tubes to semi-finished parts.

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Customers make gears more efficiently with TimkenSteel

To make a finished ring gear for a transmission, our team begins with steel tubing, cuts it into rings and then machines teeth into it. Our customers then machine the component again to create the final gear with an expensive tool called a “broach.” The longer the broach’s life, the lower the manufacturing costs for the customer. TimkenSteel Technologist Mike Burnett gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the sophisticated engineering and perpetual innovation that reduced broaching costs for one customer by 67 percent.

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TimkenSteel At 30,000 Feet: The Energy Alloys Story

Energy Alloy StoryThe high cost of the materials that can endure the harsh conditions of drilling and completing oil and gas wells at extreme depths limits exploration at ultra-deep levels. TimkenSteel sales engineers worked closely with Energy Alloys and their customer to understand the challenge of gaining cost efficiency while not sacrificing performance to enable deeper completions.

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