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Winning Ideas and Teamwork Make for a Safer Workplace

Golden Glove Award Winners

Since we began making steel 100 years ago, TimkenSteel has always had a culture of continuous improvement and that extends to our safety programs. Our goal is that every employee return home safe each day, and so the work to improve our safety performance is never ending. Our current performance ranks highly among our peers in the industry and we’re building on a good foundation, but there’s more work to do.

When TimkenSteel became an independently traded company in 2014, our Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) team set out to create a safety program that would get employees involved in generating innovative solutions to everyday safety challenges. 

“We took a look at where the key injuries are in our business,” said Mike Eberhart, EH&S manager. “Hand injuries are the leading kind of injuries we’ve had in the workplace, so we wanted to do something challenging and that would make a difference… to spur employee participation and identify potential safety hazards before an injury occurs.”

The result was the Golden Glove program, which kicked off in spring 2015 and challenged employees to come up with ways to make their workplace safer from hand lacerations and sprains.

“The further we can get peoples’ hands from the process, the better off we are, said Eberhart. “So we encouraged employees to think ‘Can we eliminate the hazard and if not, can we come up with a process or personal protection equipment to protect the hand from crushing or laceration?’”

In 2016, 19 ideas were submitted and implemented, and from those, several employees whose ideas had the most impact were selected as finalists to present their solutions at the recent TimkenSteel Safety Conference, where an audience of TimkenSteel senior leaders recognized their achievements.

The finalists, who also received trophies recognizing their contributions, included:

According to Eberhart, the program is working and we’re seeing a positive impact on our safety performance.

“If we look at numbers for past few years, trending hand injuries have gone down,” said Eberhart. “All 19 employees’ ideas supported that and ultimately, we all win because we’re working safer.”

Note: Click on the name of each 2016 Golden Glove winner above to read more about their implemented safety improvement.