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Behind the Scenes: Hot Compression Test

The TimkenSteel Technology Center, consisting of a dozen laboratories, provides TimkenSteel metallurgists and materials scientists the opportunity to achieve clean special bar quality (SBQ) steel and develop new steel grades. Steel cleanness is important for high performance in critical products such as bearings, axles, gears and other specialty equipment and applications.

In this laboratory test at the TimkenSteel Technology Center, a steel sample of known chemical composition and dimensions is being heated to a certain temperature, and then compressed at a certain rate to a specified reduction in overall length.

Testing a series of samples in this manner at different temperatures and speeds yields flow strength data, which will be analyzed to gain insight about how difficult the steel will be to deform in our hot forging, rolling, and piercing operations.

Integration of these data into computer models of our hot deformation processes helps us to achieve optimum physical and metallurgical steel product attributes.