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Material Services

TimkenSteel offers the most advanced material services, combined with 100 years of expertise in manufacturing custom alloy steel.

Material Services

material services oilrig

Our 100,000-square-foot TimkenSteel Material Services (TMS) facility in Houston combines value-added deep precision hole-making and finishing services with our custom-alloy steel bar, tube and component products, helping you meet a full range of oilfield drilling and completion tool needs.

Our expertise includes precision drilling, step boring, pull boring, honing, skiving, turning, straightening and sawing, to meet exacting dimensional tolerances. You’ll find our applications throughout the energy industry worldwide, including drill collars, mud motors, tool joints, polished bore receptacles, subs, blast joints, pup joints, swivel joints, and many more. We meet NS1 and other specifications common in harsh, deep-water offshore drilling applications. And, by combining TimkenSteel’s full range of 4145 quench-and-tempered material at our location with our machining services, we can meet your urgent needs.

A Rich History in the Energy Industry

TimkenSteel Material Services

TMS was born in 1972 as a machine shop with a band saw and a vision to serve the demanding and unpredictable needs of the energy industry. Over the years, we’ve added machining services like trepanning, precision drilling, pull boring, skiving, honing and turning – all using commercial technology and in-house innovation. Today, as part of TimkenSteel, TMS offers comprehensive machining services with the ideal steel and heat treat solutions the energy industry desires.

We built our worldwide reputation by consistently meeting exacting standards for surface finishes and delivery performance. We meet API specifications for all types of attributes, including dimensional tolerance and precise-hole configurations.

Our Value-Added Services

TimkenSteel Material Services

HOLE-FINISHING SERVICES: If you require precision-hole finishing, TMS offers a streamlined solution, eliminating your need to send bars and tubes from company to company for this service. We do it all: operating precision-honing, pull boring, skiving and outer diameter (OD) turning.

HOLE-MAKING SERVICES: We drill or trepan many hole sizes in bars and tubes, in lengths up to 54 feet (16 meters). Our experience, manufacturing capacity and equipment capabilities help us easily meet customer deep-hole-making specifications and requirements.

INTEGRATED SERVICE MODEL: TimkenSteel focuses on providing the most ideal, economically responsible solutions to your challenges. Our engineered alloy steels and clean steel practices, combined with our heat treat capabilities, can displace much more expensive stainless or vacuum-melted steels. Similarly, TMS can help you define the ideal starting material to optimally meet your final product objectives. Our goal is to combine the best steel with the best heat treat and best machining services for the energy sector.

We’re Here for You.

TimkenSteel Material Services

In the lab and in the field, our team is ready to assist you with unique product development, metallurgical investigations and onsite service calls. TimkenSteel offers a dedicated global customer service team to ensure we meet your material needs and service expectations.

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Every interaction, every touch point, every order gives TimkenSteel an opportunity to demonstrate our quality to our customers – and the industry. It’s the foundation of our company and the backbone of our character. To learn how we deliver quality and see our certifications, click here.


To learn more about TimkenSteel Material Services’ steel solutions, call 1-800-375-2673 or email TMS.CRM@timkensteel.com.

TimkenSteel Material Services
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