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TimkenSteel Endurance Steels

Combining ultra-high strength and high toughness for the next level of performance.



When your application calls for the strongest, toughest materials to get the job done, TimkenSteel has a solution.

Our Endurance family of steels, including three new ultra-high-strength, high-toughness grades, provides longer life, more power and/or lighter weight to meet your specific needs.


Why ultra-high-strength, high-toughness steels?


In today’s world, products are pushed to new limits to drive operational efficiency.

  • Mining or oil and gas drilling rigs are expensive to operate. High usage rates require drill string and bit components with high toughness to avoid overload fractures and ultra-high strength to limit fatigue failures.
  • Gear sets and transmission systems are challenged to handle more power and operate in conditions with high transient loads. This is true for smaller gear sets in electric vehicles, through massive drivetrains for thrusters in ocean-going vessels and in everything in between.


Guide to <em>Endurance</em> family of steels

TimkenSteel’s new, cost-effective, ultra-high-strength, high-toughness Endurance steels achieve ultra-high yield strength between 180 and 210 KSI and high toughness between 35 and 50 ft.-lbs.

Guide to TimkenSteel’s Endurance family of steels:

  • High-strength: range from 130-175 KSI yield strength
  • Ultra-high-strength: higher than 175 KSI yield strength
  • High-toughness: range from 30-80 ft.-lbs.
  • Ultra-high-toughness: range above 80 ft.-lbs.


Advantages of Endurance steels

As the graph reflects, lab experiments prove our cost-effective, ultra-high-strength, high-toughness grades achieve ultra-high yield strength between 180 and 210 KSI and high toughness between 35 and 50 ft.-lbs. (Also shown is the complete band of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels we offer within the Endurance product line.)


TimkenSteel is Your Go-To Supplier

Our Endurance family of steels is the result of close collaboration with a broad range of industrial, oil and gas and automotive customers to understand and define the need for the strongest, toughest materials for more horsepower, longer life and/or lighter weight.

Contact Us

For more information about our Ultrapremium technology, call Rob Merrell, senior manager, industrial business development, at 330-471-5746 or email him at rob.merrell@timkensteel.com.


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